3D and Digital

Balor of the Evil Eye was going to be the leader of the Fomorians in a game design I was working on called Cythraul. I would change a lot of the dimensions of this
toward Judge Death but more stylized and with additional stuff like long staffs holding severed head coming out of his back and so on, make a bit more
Low Fantasy with nightmarish dimensions I think.

Cuchulainn was the to the Celts what Balor was to the Fomorians. He'd have the same powers that he did in the old Celtic folklore
which means he could have a warp spasm and grow to 4 times his size with his body turning inside out and black blood geysers spurting
9 feet in the air from the top of his head.


This was a very important piece for me as it was built to prove to the folks at Scion that I could drop my hyper detailed texturing style
and switch to a very open gamey style for console as that was the art direction for Unreal Championship2. Once that was past with, I worked remotely
for a number of months from Scotland and then England before I relocated over to North Carolina in Febuary 2004.
I also had to prove I could model with this piece as I had said I could when really I had only modeled 1 or 2 things half a decade or so ago.

I think this was the last community skin I did, it was on Hypers Strider model, I still love the goggles.



Unreal2 Bits

Working on Unreal2 with Anthony, John and Hugh was one of the best game development experiences I've had so I posed a couple of the characters I'd
textured and painted them up a bit as I was just loving my time with them. It's all about the working relationship, more than the games themselves, I think
its who we work with and what we do together that creates the greater happiness.



Misc Pieces


The Comedian skin I did for the Sarge model in Quake3 was my favorite at the time and the first time I made
a character based on one I had read about. I learned that words are the best gateway to character.



a bunch of my old Rorshach's Journal frontpage images



Misc Pieces

This one I just colored up one of Dave Sim's Cerebus the Aardvark pages , I hope he doesn't mind as I thought this was a fantastic shot,
so much energy and a satisfying moment in the story its a part of. It's really worth checking the series out, theres a lot of depth to it.