Pen and Ink

Formative pieces

This is sort of how I started doing gameart, in a roundabout way. I did it periodically while sitting around at Scott's place at the weekends back in '94.
I had stopped doing art for a few years while drifting aimlessly through a series of dead end jobs and this got me started again. It reminded me that I was
capable of more and that I needed to make a change before I wasted my life.


Another important piece for me. By this time I had gotten into the Quake scene and was struggling to pay for my dial up modem bills each month
and trying to find extra ways to make money. I originally made this for Gavin, then when I realized upon completion that I took somewhere between 50
and a 100 hours on it I asked for 3 times the money. He refused, I kept the picture for myself and it was the first time I realized my time was worth more.



Quake Stuff

Made for the QuadGod Machina movie

Made for a Quake Clan League event

For a while I found love in Quake too, a big deal for a while.

The QuakeLords Clan was a big deal for me when I was playing Quake. I made a whole set of Xmen inspired skins and this image for the
front page of our wegpage, it was pieces like this that got me more and more into game art.


Headhunters pieces



Misc pieces



This was the first piece I did for Kirsten, at the time I still thought her name was Kristen, she had been too polite
to tell me because she also liked how I said it... but I was embarassed when I found out.

Another piece I did for Kirsten once I had given her the nickname of Liafail