This was the piece I enjoyed making the most in Gears of War 3.

No one told me to make her or concepted her, she was something I started as a 'Free Friday' project because I had wanted to make a statue
for a good while and there was no room in my schedule for it. I read about Promethea in Alan Moore's comic series and the idea of there
being a female representation of creaitivity that had been written about over centuries by different authors unbeknownst to each of them
struck a chord with me. I wanted to add my name to that list and build a Goddess of Inspiration in Gears. It felt symbolic and it got me
feeling passionate again when I was a bit crushed by too many months of optimization work. She became my Angel of the South in
homage to the Angel of the North in Newcastle and ended up being the Bridge levels lady liberty.

A big thanks to Nick Donaldson for making sure the level was optimized enough at the end to fit her in because we almost didn't make it
into the game other than in the form of a drowned statue version in an underwater level; a poor end for a Goddess of Inspiration.

You can see a huge version here