Cythraul is my obsession.
It's what has occupied most of the limited freetime I've had in the few years since I properly updated this site.

It is the game I would like to make, for myself, for my own reasons, to be free of the ugly marriage of art and business that has always been present at the core of the games I have made professionally. I appreciate that my working toward making a game on my own is unrealistic but it's simply my way of enjoying making games for making games sake rather than for money.

Essentially, it is a game that pits the Celts from the age of the ever living ones against their greatest enemies the Fomorians. My inspiration has been borne out of a lot of research into Celtic Mythology and my want to try to introduce the rich flavour of my country's forgotten culture to the world in the hopes that others might enjoy it as much as I do.


Celtic Characters





Fomorian Characters
















Most of these paintings are just my attempt to practise working in the fantasy style that I'm trying to render Cythraul in. Whilst the setting is of great interest to me and the history books fascinating I've found that due to my career mostly having been spent in the production of Sci-fi Genericana, I need a lot of practise to find my feet with a style that is quite alien to me still.
I think that when I gain more confidence I will make a Concepts section with more finalised designs for later characters that currently little more than vague ideas that tie together what I see as the main themes in the myths I've been reading.