2005 - Revamp  

I started this revamp in September, it's been hard to find the time lately to sit in front of the pc when theres other more enjoyable things to do....

I had carpal tunnel release surgery on both my hands in October/November 2004 and I'm past the halfway mark on the road to a full recovery. I had put up with carpal tunnel for close to 4 years and I was in a lot of pain so it's made a big difference to my life to have it treated.

Unreal Championship2 went on sale on April18th in the US and currently I'm busy on UT2007 modelling lots of hi poly stuff and generally just trying to climb the learning curve as quickly as possible. Check here to see what I've been up to.

I've added a Cythraul link on the sidebar on the left; Cythraul is my pet project based on my love of Celtic Mythology and Scotland in general.

My revamp is still in progress and probably always will be due to time constraints. I'll try to keep on with it when time allows, for now the Skins section is underway and theres a lot of new stuff to come for the Models and Gallery section.