Photo Reference

This section is where I share some photos from my own reference collection. They are mostly taken by myself with a digital camera while travelling in Europe / Britain / America. They should NOT be used for games and other projects that are commercial in nature without my express permission.

They may be used in NON-Commercial projects as long as I am openly credit and linked both upon the related webpage and text file accompanying the final assets when released publicly.

It has taken me over 4 years and 8 countries to put together my reference, this should be kept in mind when those that use my reference are weighing up whether or not they think it is worth crediting me.


Updated December 10th

Breendonk - Belgium - [30 pics]
A concentration camp originally built in WW1 by the British then deserted and taken over by germans in WW2.
Misc Shots - Paris - [15 pics]
A collection of various sites in Paris ranging from world famous resting place of Jim Morrison to the Louvre.
Also Features some Underground shots.

Misc Buildings - Portugal - [12 pics]
Mostly building relief. Portugal has an incredible style to its statues and carvings that is amoungst some of the fiercest religious stylings I've seen.
Stranraer - Scotland - [9 pics]
A wall originally used as target practise by the RAF before they switched to electronic target practice.